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Melodie Lambert, Click here for a short bioOur Wellness Center has been in operation for 11 years. We operate out of a retail storefront and we even have a small herb garden growing out front! Our focus is helping people to make solid health decisions based on their individual needs. Even though we do not prescribe or diagnose, we do have a group of trained, certified, professionals that can help you make a secure choice of which vitamins or herbs could benefit you. At our disposal is also an impressive list of doctors and pharmacists to assist us in our recommendations to you.

During the course of an average day at The Herb Shop, we consult with more than 65 individuals, not to mention our phone consultations. Varied Alternative Health Services are offered through our facility: Iridology, Muscle Testing, Massage, Ear Candling, Aroma Therapy, Native American Healing, and many others.

Nature's Sunshine staffOur Success in based on our Customers' Success. Along with the client, our team of professionals design health enhancement/healing programs using the Best supplements in the world. 95% of our product line is procured from Nature's Sunshine, the leader in Quality Supplements. These are the same supplements that we take and that we give our families. Many of us in this industry have "healing" experiences with the Nature's Sunshine Products - LONG before we made a business out of it. These products are 100% Pure and the highest grade attainable. You can rest assured because we completely guarantee all our products.

products on a shelfNot only do we carry a large array of supplements, but also an extensive line of aroma therapy oils and accessories. We even carry a gift line ranging from dream pillows, candles, native American art, carvings, jewelry, shaman wands, tea sets, etc.

The Herb Shop participated in the Whole Life Expo in Atlanta, Ga. during 1999. Giving back to our community is an important goal. We have been a part of many health fairs at different organizations and large businesses. Our appreciation extends to the local medical society for their many referrals. Our goal is to see all people healed. This is why we continue to duplicate our business and expand awareness of alternative medicine. We have two "Sister" Stores at this time:

  • If you are traveling to the Great Smoky Mountains, visit The Herb Shop on the Cherokee Reservation, located at 441 N. No. 8, Cherokee, NC 28719.
    Phone# 828-497-5950
  • If you find yourself in Paulding County, Georgia, please visit The Herb Shop at 4484 Jimmy Lee Smith Parkway, Suite E, Hiram GA, 30141
    Phone# 770-222-1677